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January's Featured Non Profit

This month is Chris's Birthday and he chose the non profit for this month. Chris is active in volunteering and enjoys giving of his time to help those in need. His desire for friendship lead him to a group of men that serve the Lord and others. Through this service he came in contact with this month's featured non profit.

Chris at BOB

The James Mission is our Featured Non Profit for January!

Their focus is to help those in the foster system through many avenues. They take donations of items, food, time, and money. You can sponsor a "laundry bag" which supplies kids in the foster system items that they need in order to more easily transition during their difficult situation.

Their mission is simple - "Be the change" (my paraphrasing). From their website: James Mission exists to provide resources to the children in foster care and to families in need.

They have so many avenues for helping others and are still expanding in services and locations. Located in Tulsa, OK and Nowata, OK, they provide simple services from a food pantry to a transitional living facility for woman. They have a visitation center where they help children who can be reunited with their families. I can't speak to all the resources - you need to just check them out for yourselves.

Remember 10% of our sales goes to this organization at the end of the month! Can't find anything to purchase from our site but still want to help them? Follow the links below to donate directly to them!

Check them out:

Want to see your favorite organization featured? Leave us a comment or send us a message and we will add them to the list!

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