October's Non-Profit

You might recall that last year we had an idea of using our business to give back. We may have dropped the ball a little this year, but we are back! This month's non-profit is... (Drumroll please!) Caitlyn's Courage! - Special thanks to Savannah Blackmon from our Facebook Page for the suggestion! Caitlyn's story, unfortunately is not an uncommon one. She was the victim of a violent domestic situation and died as a result. Domestic Violence is an ever growing issue across the

January's Featured Non Profit

This month is Chris's Birthday and he chose the non profit for this month. Chris is active in volunteering and enjoys giving of his time to help those in need. His desire for friendship lead him to a group of men that serve the Lord and others. Through this service he came in contact with this month's featured non profit. The James Mission is our Featured Non Profit for January! Their focus is to help those in the foster system through many avenues. They take donations of ite

December’s Featured Nonprofit

Jessica, one of the creators behind Fletcher’s Gifts and More, loves doxies! You could say they are One of her passions. Just last April she said goodbye to her dearest friend Candy who was a 19 year old dachshund that brought light to everyday darkness. Since Candy’s passing they have taken on a new doxie that has become the best friend to their rescue Bandit! Zoe (named after the Greek word Zoe which means ’life’) came into their world and brought with her so much joy an