October's Non-Profit

You might recall that last year we had an idea of using our business to give back. We may have dropped the ball a little this year, but we are back! This month's non-profit is... (Drumroll please!) Caitlyn's Courage! - Special thanks to Savannah Blackmon from our Facebook Page for the suggestion! Caitlyn's story, unfortunately is not an uncommon one. She was the victim of a violent domestic situation and died as a result. Domestic Violence is an ever growing issue across the

The Fletchers Give!

Here at Fletcher's Gifts and More our purpose is to give and to help others give - it's what we are passionate about. So, we decided it was time to give back and each month we will feature a nonprofit organization and 10% of our income through sales on this site and our shows, will go directly to the featured nonprofit. Each month, we will share with you the nonprofit we have chosen to donate to and tell you a little bit about them, what they do and how you can help. If you a